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What is Blockchain Bootcamp?

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY became the ‘Buzzword of the year’ in 2017. Tradescrypt.com brings to you BLOCKCHAIN BOOTCAMP, an intensive training programme which provides you an in-depth learning experience on the revolutionary Blockchain Technology. The bootcamp is a 6-day training which includes hands-on sessions like Blockchain Application Development, Create your own cryptocurrency and many more. Blockchain is believed to be the technology of the future since it has applications in various fields like Trade finance, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, Identity Management, eGovernance and many more.

About This Event

About Tradescrypt.com?

Tradescrypt.com is a blockchain technology company operating since 2016. It is a division of Apurva Enterprises (www.apurvaenterprises.in), a business entity incorporated in 1989 in Mumbai, India.

Tradescrypt.com offers following blockchain technology services:

Blockchain Technology Training Program
Blockchain Technology Business Services
Cryptocurrency Asset Management Services

What you will learn?

You will learn -
• how to create cryptocurrencies.
• how cryptocurrency exchanges function.
• how to become a Subject Matter Expert on blockchain.

• how to create revolutionary applications on blockchain.
• many such game-changing skills during this blockchain training.

Who will benifit?

The bootcamp is intended for UG/PG/Ph. D Students, Research Scholars, faculty and working professionals who intend to learn Blockchain applications and Cryptocurrency.

Exhaustive hands-on sessions will enable building abilities in the participants. After completing the bootcamp, the participant will be capable of developing blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies for multiple use cases like Trade finance, Supply chain, Identity Management, and many more.

K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering

Vidyanagar, Vidyavihar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400077

2nd July to 7th July, 2018

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Limited Seats

Hurryup! few tickets are left Registrations on a first come first serve basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Make the complete payment (early birds can avail a discount as mentioned) via the online payment gateway. Online payment gateway link: https://goo.gl/ADqZG2
2. Please take a screenshot in case of online payment.
3. Complete the registration by filling the google form https://goo.gl/forms/72p72hHseDoAmmK52.
4. Registration will be considered complete only after successful completion of the above mentioned steps
This is an intensive training programme which will include exhaustive knowledge on blockchain topics like Bitcoin Ethereum, Consensus protocols, Validation protocols, Decentralization, Cryptocurrencies and much more.
Hands-on sessions include decentralized application development, develop your cryptocurrency and live cryptocurrency trading.
If you are registering before 11:59:59PM, 20th May 2018, you can make the payment as per the early bird rates. However, registrations made 21st May 2018 onwards will have to pay the normal registration fee. Registrations with early registration fee payment will not be considered.
Basic programming knowledge is required for the bootcamp as we will be learning about most of the concepts from scratch. However a little bit of brushing upon topics like LinkedLists and basic cryptography would be advantageous.

Our Pricing

Registration Fees
    Early Bird Fee:
  • Students: ₹3000

  • ISTE members: ₹4000

  • Non ISTE members: ₹4500

  • Others: ₹5000

    Normal Fee:              
  • Students: ₹3500

  • ISTE members: ₹4500

  • Non ISTE members: ₹5000

  • Others: ₹5500

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 20th May
Registration Deadline: 10th June

Note: The fee stated above does not include accommodation charges.

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Event Guidelines

The 6-day intensive training programme is designed to provide a T-shaped learning experience for the participants in blockchain technology via ‘Learn by Practice’ approach. The programme includes hands-on application development sessions to cultivate development capabilities with respect to Blockchain Technology.

We will have more hands-on/practice sessions where participants will be implementing the concepts taught.


  • Basic programming knowledge

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